How GovHack2016 uses open data a friendly creative environment

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GovHack is an annual open data competition. Competition categories are announced at 7pm Friday 29th July at your venue! Teams have 46 hours to create a project page, proof of concept and a video that tells the story of how government open data can be reused. It’s a competition, and there are prizes, but GovHack is a friendly creative environment.
Many of the concepts are innovative community apps, and those could be including informative visualisations, prototype electronic gadgets, games, stories and artistic display.

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Danielle Storey
Eastern Innovation Business Centre
Innovation is more than just a buzz word. It’s an exciting opportunity supported by an inspiring environment, contemporary programs and collaborative communities that make all things possible. Innovation has a home at the Monash Incubator and Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) in the heart of the City of Monash. Danielle Storey is the CEO of the EIBC. She serves a collaborative community that Creates, Innovates, Incubates, Accelerates and Thrives.


Being a mentor at GovHack was an inspiring opportunity to watch brilliant minds craft opportunities for a better world. As a marketing and innovation mentor I thoroughly loved being able to engage the participants to consider the perspective of their consumer and visualize the ease or the opportunity that they might create for them.

Cullen is also the host of Silicon Beach Radio podcast and Deputy Lead Organiser of Melbourne Silicon Beach (MSB), a community that enables people to be that awesome start-up founder, tech founder, coder, freelancer or whomever they want to be and has over 6,400 members.

Photograph by David Ma

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