Bootstrapping startups with Etienne from Sogilis Australia

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Silicon Beach Radio | 0 comments

Cullen the host of Silicon beach radio joins Etienne an experienced software engineer with over seven years’ experience in the field of embedded real time software and aeronautics. He’s particularly adept at working within extremely regulated environments, where precise attention needs to be paid to ensure work of the highest quality is produced.

He adapts to the most taxing and pressing issues or situations in order to turn them into strengths by using the right tools and methods, even in less constrained environments.

Etienne also strongly believes in the benefits of iterative and incremental development methods, production flow supervision and continuous improvement, all of which have been the strength behind his professional success to date.

Today he is in Melbourne to develop the Australian branch of Sogilis, helping any company in its quest of success through kicking ass software dev.
“Being a hit in France is now passé and we now we want to become a great hit in Australia!”

At Sogilis we’re a curious group of inspired people, all passionate about technology and expert in their domain.

We work with a wide range of companies, in many domains, from rich web & mobile applications to critical embedded software for aeronautics. Our rich and diverse background allow us to take on any challenge when it comes to software development!

We collaborate with our clients, not only work for them. We want to inspire people and help them launch their technology together.

Now we want to share our expertise in lean development and fast prototyping to help early stage projects to grow into realised dreams!

Australian website :
French and international website :

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