Coworkation in the land of the Gods


Meeting inspiring people in inspiring places to do inspiring things.


That’s exactly what coworkation is about.


Step out of your day-to-day environment and into an inspirational setting to look at their business/work from another perspective. Coworkations are inspirational coworking retreats, set in stunning locations around the world.


A Coworkation encourages personal and professional growth through activities, talks and workshops on these core themes:


  • Big picture for business: Vision, strategy, planning, & leadership, purpose.
  • Lifestyle design: tangible skills for designing the life you want to live.
  • Personal growth for Professional success: integration, productivity, psychological & cognitive elements, creativity and inspiration, mindfulness.

Prepare yourself to have fun, applicable exercises, empowering & inspirational experiences through our partner’s program, Coworkation.

There are several destinations to enjoy along the year. The next one is nothing less than Bali!


This magical destination exudes peace and serenity and is a perfect place to get into a state of flow and will fill you with inspiration.

Lush terraced rice fields, looming volcanoes, and fantastic beaches combined with amazingly friendly people and a unique culture that celebrates colourful ceremonies on a regular basis, makes Bali a perfect location for a coworkation!


Guarantee your spot now! Choose from 5 nights coast, 5 nights rice fields or 10 nights of the perfect mix.


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